Vikings and Bears fans left in utter disbelief after Jordan Love continues to ball out for Packers - "I'm gonna cry", "We just can't have anything"

when Aaron Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love was forced into the starting position.

 Fans of the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings believed that perhaps this was their chance to win the division.

Fans of the Vikings and Bears were certain that the Packers might be among the weakest teams in the division because Love had disappointed since joining the NFL.

As it turns out, Love might actually be good, and fellow NFC North supporters are unable to handle it.

Jordan Love is now getting his chance to shine after serving as Aaron Rodgers' backup and showcasing his talent during the preseason.

He has completed 21 of his 33 passes in three games for 193 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Fans of the NFC North, who saw Rodgers continue where Brett Favre left off, appear to be preparing for history to repeat itself with Love and the Packers. 

Obviously, this is only preseason, but so far, so good. All that remains is for it to carry over to the regular season.

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