Margot Robbie's Diet And Fitness Routine 

Australian actress Margot Robbie may have one of the most fabulous figures in Hollywood

Read on to learn how Margot Robbie stays in shape.

1 She Eats a Well-Balanced Diet- Margot knows the importance of a well-balanced diet.

2 However, She Allows Herself to Indulge- While she maintains a healthy diet most of the time, she does enjoy indulging when she dines out.

3 She Avoids the Gym- Robbie isn't a fan of the gym, but has found more creative ways to stay in shape.

4 She Prefers Pilates, Dance, and Tenni- In order to maintain her figure when she isn't training for a specific role, she relies on exercise that she actually enjoys.

5 She Makes Winding Down a Priority- Robbie makes sure that getting her beauty sleep is a priority, especially because she struggles to wind down with her busy schedule.

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