Jimmy Buffett's cause of death: Margaritaville singer 'died

On September 1, 2023, Jimmy Buffett, a well-known personality dubbed to as the "Mayor of Margaritaville," passed suddenly at the age of 76.

 His death was specifically caused by lymphoma and skin cancer.

Buffett wasn't just a singer-songwriter; to many others, he represented an easygoing, positive way of life. 

He left a lasting impression on popular culture by celebrating the pleasures of tropical paradises and island life through his music.

Buffett began his career as a Nashville-based country musician before relocating to Key West, Florida, in 1972. 

This action had a significant impact on his music. 

When "Margaritaville" was released in 1977, he became synonymous with beach escapism in addition to cementing his place in pop music history.

Buffett was a man of many interests besides music. Being a best-selling novelist demonstrated his abilities as a writer. 

He was also a smart businessman. His business ventures included two restaurant chains, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Margaritaville Cafe.

 The first Margaritaville retail location made its mark in Key West in 1985, giving him yet another accomplishment.

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