Animals that are eaten alive by human

Witness the astonishing world of culinary practices as we delve into the controversial topic of animals that are eaten alive by humans.

From cultural traditions to acquired tastes, these practices reveal the complex relationship between humans and the animal kingdom.

Odori Don - In Japan, Odori Don presents a visual feast. Slices of fresh octopus are served atop rice, seasoned with soy sauce.

Sannakji- Savor Sannakji, South Korea's exotic dish. Live baby octopuses are expertly chopped into bite-sized pieces and served immediately.

Drunken Shrimp-China offers Drunken Shrimp, where shrimp are soaked in liquor or wine

Cuy Chactado- Peru's Cuy Chactado is a cherished delicacy. Guinea pigs are cooked while alive, preserving their freshness.

Odorigui - Odorigui, meaning "dancing eating," involves consuming live seafood like squirming octopus and spoon worms. 

Yin Yang Fish- Taiwan introduces Yin Yang Fish, showcasing duality. The upper half is deep-fried, while the lower half remains alive

Conclusion- Exploring animals eaten alive by humans uncovers a tapestry of tastes, traditions, and ethical concerns. 

Whether it's an acquired taste or a cultural legacy, these practices remind us of the intricate connections between gastronomy, culture, and our relationship with the animal kingdom.

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