A Crash Course in Korean: 10 Essential Words and Phrase

Hello (안녕하세요 - Annyeong-haseyo): Start conversations with this friendly greeting.

Thank You (감사합니다 - Gamsahamnida): Show appreciation with this polite phrase.

Yes (네 - Ne): Agree or confirm with a simple "Yes."

No (아니요 - Aniyo): Politely decline or disagree with "No."

Please (부탁합니다 - Butakhamnida): Request something politely with "Please."

Excuse Me (실례합니다 - Sillehamnida): Use when seeking attention or apologizing.

I'm Sorry (미안합니다 - Mianhamnida): Apologize sincerely with this phrase.

How Are You? (어떻게 지내세요? - Eotteohge jinaeseyo?): Ask about someone's well-being.

Goodbye (안녕히 가세요 - Annyeonghi gaseyo): Bid farewell with this phrase.

Cheers! (건배! - Geonbae!): Raise a glass and toast to good times.