A 30-Minute, Low-Impact Cardio Pool Workout

Welcome to a refreshing pool workout that's easy on your joints yet boosts your heart rate. Let's get started!

Warm-Up MovesStart with gentle stretches and water walking. Engage your muscles and prep your body for the workout ahead.

Water JoggingMove into a light jog in the water. The resistance challenges you while minimizing impact on your joints.

Leg LiftsFocus on your legs. Standing in waist-deep water, alternate lifting your legs forward. Feel the burn!

Arm ExercisesTone your arms with underwater arm circles and push-downs. The water adds resistance for effective strength training.

Core ConnectionEngage your core with standing twists. The water's buoyancy adds instability, giving your core an extra challenge.

Cooling DownWrap up with calming stretches in the pool. This cooldown reduces muscle tension and aids recovery.

Stay Hydrated and RefreshedRemember to drink water and listen to your body. Enjoy the benefits of this low-impact, invigorating pool workout!

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