7 Zinc Benefits Every Woman Should Know About

Zinc is a nutrient required for so many body functions from immunity support and blood sugar regulation to maintaining metabolism

Learn exactly what zinc does for the body—and what happens when your tank is low.

1. Zinc helps to maintain a healthy immune system.- Zinc helps defend against toxins and foreign substances that threaten your immunity

2. Zinc keeps your blood sugar stable.- Zinc plays a role in the synthesis, storage, and release of insulin in the pancreas, says Gorin, meaning it indirectly plays a role in keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

3. Zinc helps your body heal.-Zinc interacts with blood platelets to help with blood clotting, so getting enough zinc is crucial for the healing of scrapes and cuts

4. It keeps your digestion running smoothly.- Zinc works with proteins in every organ and helps nearly 100 different enzymes with different processes, one of which is digestion

5. Zinc helps you taste your food.- Zinc is crucial to fully functioning taste perception, namely because the mineral is found in gustin, a protein in saliva.

6. Zinc might help you pay attention.- While it's not conclusive yet, Bontempo says research has shown that your zinc levels may affect how long you're able to sit and concentrate.

7. Zinc keeps your metabolism going strong.- Zinc helps metabolize protein, carbs, and fat

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