7 Mobility Exercises to Boost Your Health and Fitness

Stay active and healthy with these effective mobility exercises. Let's get moving!

Exercise 1: Neck Tilts Gently tilt your head from side to side. Improve neck flexibility and reduce tension.

Exercise 2: Shoulder Circles Rotate your shoulders in controlled circles. Enhance shoulder mobility and posture.

Exercise 3: Spinal Twist Sitting or standing, twist your torso. Maintain a strong core and supple spine.

Exercise 4: Hip Rotations Rotate hips in circular motions. Enhance hip flexibility for smoother movements.

Exercise 5: Leg Swings Swing each leg forward and backward. Increase leg mobility and improve balance.

Exercise 6: Ankle Circles Circle your ankles to boost ankle strength and prevent injuries.

Exercise 7: Full Body Roll Bend forward, then slowly roll up. Loosen up your entire body with this exercise.

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