49ers get unacceptable news regarding Nick Bosa

The San Francisco 49ers are gearing up for an intriguing 2023 season. The spotlight is on star defensive end Nick Bosa.

Awaiting Bosa's Contract- Fans eagerly await Nick Bosa's massive contract extension. The question remains: How long will they have to wait?

 Stalled Negotiations- Bosa and the 49ers are at a standstill. The All-Pro player has been notably absent from training camp amid contract talks.

Communication Breakdown- There's been minimal dialogue between the 49ers and Bosa's agent, Brian Alyrault. Bosa's holdout continues deep into the preseason.

Season Opener Uncertainty- Reports suggest that Bosa, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, might be unavailable for the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hopes Dashed- The 49ers' aspirations for a smooth negotiation have been thwarted. The communication gap between Bosa's team and the 49ers is widening.

Worrisome Update- Tony Pauline of Sportskeeda.com reveals a concerning update. There's a possibility Bosa might not return before the regular season.

Contract Dispute Continues- "The Bosa situation could last a while. He might miss the start of the season due to the contract dispute," sources reveal.

What Lies Ahead?- With the ongoing contract dispute, the 49ers' season is clouded in uncertainty. Will Bosa return in time?

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