3 Planks That Are Safe to Do While You're Pregnant

Planks are great for maintaining core strength during pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before exercising.

1. Modified Plank- Start on knees, wrists aligned under shoulders. Engage core. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Don't arch back.

2. Wall Plank - Stand facing a wall. Place hands on wall at chest height. Step back. Keep body straight. Hold, then release.

3. Side Plank -Lie on side. Place elbow under shoulder, lift hips. Support with knee or feet. Hold briefly, switch sides.

Benefits of Planks: – Improved posture – Reduced back strain – Enhanced core strength – Better balance

Safety Tips: – Don't overexert – Breathe steadily – Stop if discomfort – Stay hydrated – Use proper form

Listen to your body as pregnancy progresses. Adjust plank intensity and duration accordingly.

Remember, every pregnancy is different. Prioritize safety and consult a healthcare professional. Enjoy a fit pregnancy!

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