10 Best Calorie Counter Apps for 2023

MyFitnessPal: – MyFitnessPal offers a vast food database and fitness tracking, making it a top choice for calorie-conscious individuals.

Lose It!: – Lose It! stands out for its user-friendly interface and personalized weight loss plans.

Cronometer: – Cronometer excels in micronutrient tracking, providing a comprehensive view of your nutritional intake.

Yazio: – Yazio offers a variety of diet plans and meal tracking features to suit your health goals.

FatSecret: – FatSecret combines food and exercise tracking with a supportive community.

SparkPeople: – SparkPeople is a holistic platform featuring calorie counting, workouts, and a vibrant community.

Noom: – Noom goes beyond calorie counting, focusing on behavior change and psychology for sustainable weight loss.

Nutracheck: – Nutracheck offers UK users an extensive food database and barcode scanner for easy tracking.

Lifesum: – Lifesum provides personalized meal plans and diet recommendations based on your goals.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret: – Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a straightforward app with a barcode scanner and social features.